Pewter Pitcher

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter pitcher is a beautiful and functional addition to a pewter serving set. The design possibilities are endless, whether you prefer traditional or modern, ornate or plain. The silvery glow of pewter will make the table shine, and bring elegance and warmth to any occasion. Pitchers made from this metal alloy can serve a variety of functions and still maintain their luster through many years of use.

A Pewter Pitcher Has Many Uses

For those who appreciate the rich history of pewter in Europe and colonial America, it is interesting to note that pewtersmiths are still crafting reproductions of original early American pitcher designs. The classic pitcher shape has many variations, but a favorite is the beer pitcher. This vessel has a pot-bellied shape with a hinged lid for pouring juice, water or, of course, your favorite ale.

Other pitcher designs were also popular, and remain so today. A slender and graceful pewter pitcher can hold flowers to create a spectacular centerpiece. A small pitcher can act as a creamer or syrup jug. Replicas of old British ship pitchers reveal the practicality of pieces that also served other functions. These small serving pitchers can be used to serve liquids and to give as gifts or awards.

Pewter serving pieces bring style to the table, and help you show off your good taste. An elegant pewter pitcher centerpiece is an unusual and distinct accent for any occasion. As a vessel for liquid, pewter will serve for many years and still retain its beauty, requiring only minimal care to stay bright and lustrous. It is a gift that will keep on giving through many years.

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