Pewter Plate

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The pewter plate was the preferred tableware in American households for many years, since colonial days. Before porcelain, china and clay plates came into wide use pewter was prized for its durable nature, its silvery patina and handcrafted quality. Many pewter pieces have survived to the present day, a testament to the practicality of this metal. Whether used for display or for daily use, pewter tableware glows with a deep luster that requires little maintenance.

A Pewter Plate for Every Need

Plates made of pewter serve many needs. They range in size from four inches to about fifteen inches in diameter. A small butter dish is an attractive alternative to the usual butter server. A seven-inch bread plate holds a roll or biscuit, neatly keeping it separate from the main course. The standard ten-inch dinner plate can accommodate large amounts of food. All pewter pieces come in either a highly polished or satin finish.

A pewter charger is a large plate that holds the dinner plate and can also be used as a serving platter. This piece is usually thirteen to fifteen inches in diameter, and is very handy to have when entertaining. The pewter plate, in all of its dimensions, has served American households for hundreds of years. Pewter resists tarnishing and is durable enough for frequent use, making it as practical today as it was for the colonists.

When choosing a pewter plate for your collection, consider the function that it will be performing. Plates can be added as needed, and many people find that they make excellent gifts for anyone looking to acquire more pieces for a collection. Pewter adds elegance and style to a table setting and endures for a lifetime of use. This makes it a favorite medium for tableware today, just as it has been for centuries.

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