Pewter Salt And Pepper Shaker

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter salt and pepper shaker set makes a wonderful gift for a special occasion. It also makes a great addition to a pewter collection that is used either for display or for entertaining. Pewter has a deep, silvery luster that is not found in any other metal. Shaker sets made from pewter are a distinctive accent that can be used with any kind of table setting.

Pewter Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets Add Sparkle

A traditional shaker set can have a simple dome or lighthouse shape, or it can be embellished with a bell curve, a favorite colonial design. Modern and art deco styles add flair to a contemporary table setting, as well. Pewter is a ductile metal that can be embellished with intricate detailing for a formal look. When left plain, it shines with a deep luster that is unique to this metal.

Removable plugs make pewter salt and pepper shaker sets easy to fill. When part of the tabletop, they are delightful accents that add sparkle. A satin finish gives these accessories an Early American feel, and a bright or polished finish is perfect for more formal appearance. Pewter shaker sets, like all pewter pieces, tend to age to a silvery grey over time. This will give them a mellow patina that marks them as venerable members of the household.

Pewter salt and pepper shaker sets are part of a tradition that spans centuries. Pewter is valued for its unique look and feel. It is both practical and beautiful for many years of use, and it is still handcrafted using traditional methods. Each pewter piece is one-of-a-kind, the legacy of the art of pewter manufacturing that has produced timeless pieces of art throughout the world.

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