Pewter Stein

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter stein makes a distinctive display piece, perfect for a mantle or hutch that holds collectibles. The silvery glow of pewter makes this metal an ideal medium for this traditional style of mug. A stein can be decorated or left plain, and the beauty of pewter deepens with age, giving your stein a distinguished and venerable appearance over the years.

The Pewter Stein--A Great Collectible

The stein is a style of mug that has a long history in Europe and America. They were first created to meet the requirement of the authorities in 14th century Germany, who, after the bubonic plague, determined that all beverage containers should be covered to protect the liquids inside. Beer steins were the first vessels to feature a lid, hinge and thumblift. This design fulfilled the new law while making it easy to open and close the lid as necessary.

Through the years, steins became works of art in themselves. German craftsmen started embellishing their steins with whimsical figures and stylized motifs. These steins became prized for their creative and often intricate design elements. Today, the pewter stein builds on this tradition, replacing the earthen clay of the original steins with the satiny luster of this precious metal alloy. Pewter brings an element of elegance to the look of the stein.

With its rich history and fascinating variety of design elements, the stein is a decorative piece that adds interest to any interior. A pewter stein is a lovely addition to a collection of display item, and serves as a conversation piece as well. It makes a thoughtful and original gift for anyone who appreciates the timeless beauty of pewter.

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