Pewter Tableware

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pewter tableware adds an element of formality and elegance to your entertaining. A table set with pewter is stylish yet durable enough for frequent use, and will serve for many years with minimal care. For this and many other reasons, pewter has been prized for centuries in Europe and America. It was the metal found in homes of all classes and economic levels, forged into utensils and plate ware of surpassing beauty and utility.

Pewter Tableware is Timeless

Today, pewter is recognized and appreciated for its silvery-grey luster, which deepens with age. Pewter is also highly collectible; one of the few precious metals that can be used everyday yet still retain its timeless luster. Unlike silver, pewter resists tarnishing and is therefore easier to maintain. Plates, stemware and utensils made of pewter will endure a lifetime of use and still be fit to pass on to the next generation.

Pewter plates come in standard sizes, from chargers designed to hold the dinner plate, to butter plates that keep condiments separate. Stemware and utensils, coolers, salt bowls and gravy boats are just a few of the pewter tableware pieces that are still being handcrafted using traditional methods. Each item is unique and one-of-a-kind. These beautiful pewter pieces also make great gifts for any occasion, and are a welcome addition to any home.

When the table is set with pewter tableware, it is an indication of good taste and an appreciation for timeless elegance. Whether the look is modern or traditional, pewter is always in style, and always appropriate. Its deep luster and easy care make it a favorite medium for table settings and for display. No matter where it is used, pewter adds sparkle to its surroundings.

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