Pewter Tankards

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pewter tankards enjoy a long tradition in Europe and America. They remain a popular household item today, often used for display but also functional for everyday use. The design of the tankard allows for generous quantities of liquids, and at the same time often has decorative elements that make this mug a piece of art worthy of any collection.

Pewter Tankards for the Home

The tankard is essentially a large, handled mug. Unlike a stein, it has no lid. However, it is similar in style to the stein. Both are cylindrical, and both have a tradition of decoration that dates back hundreds of centuries. A tankard was the staple of inns throughout the world, used to serve ale, beer and cider to thirsty travelers and patrons. A typical tavern tankard could hold up to 30 ounces of liquid.

In the home, pewter tankards are useful for serving, display or holding flowers and other decorative items. The silvery patina possessed by pewter makes anything made of this metal shine for years with little care. A tankard is an impressive addition to a pewter collection and is a delightful way to serve beverages to family and friends.

Variations on the shape of the tankard add to the interest of these pieces. Handcrafted pewter tankards can be traditionally styled, or shaped into most any form, with whimsy added in the form of decorative handles and bases. This follows a long history of the mug as art, and it sets these tankards apart from ordinary tableware. The next time the occasion calls for a special touch, tankards made of pewter will deliver with a charm and style all their own.

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