Pewter Trophy

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter trophy marks accomplishments with style and shows appreciation for a job well done. Pewter possesses a silvery patina that is found in no other metal. When presented as an award, it makes an impressive statement. The gift of pewter will be appreciated for years to come.

The Pewter Trophy--A Distinctive Gift

Trophies come in many styles and sizes. Expense is often a consideration when choosing an appropriate trophy for a special occasion. This is one reason why pewter is often the metal of choice for this special gift. Not only is it durable and lustrous in appearance, but it is also relatively inexpensive compared to silver and gold. Pewter is a metal alloy comprised mainly of tin. This precious metal lends pewter its deep luster. It also is readily available and easy to work by pewtersmiths, who can craft it with intricate detailing.

A pewter trophy can be engraved with pertinent information, and embellished with scrollwork and detailing. Pewter is soft and can be crafted into delicate shapes, either on a lathe or by pouring it into a mold. These traditional methods of handcrafting pewter have been in use for centuries. The quality that is evident in a presentation piece such as a trophy is another reason why pewter stands out from other metals.

When the opportunity to show appreciation presents itself, a pewter trophy is always appropriate and welcome. It can be added to an existing pewter collection, or stand by itself as a testament to your thoughtfulness and good taste. It is also a measure of the esteem in which the recipient is held. For an employee or associate, or even a family member who deserves recognition for their accomplishments, a trophy made of pewter is a gift that will mark the occasion in the style which it deserves.

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