School Bell

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A hand cast pewter school bell recalls the days when teachers maintained order and signaled the beginning of lessons with the ring of a bell. Kept conspicuously on the teacher's desk, these little hand held bells were an important part of the school day. They are fondly remembered, mementos from the past that are still used in classrooms today. Perhaps because of this, pewter bells retain their popularity.

The Pewter School Bell is a Treasured Keepsake

Pewter is a metal valued for its many unique qualities. It maintains a silvery luster through years of use and display. It requires little care and, unlike silver, it resists tarnishing and pitting. Pewter makes a welcome addition to any collection, where it will make a decorating statement that is unforgettable. A hand cast bell is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that makes a great gift or home accent.

The gift of a pewter school bell will bring delight to a past or present teacher, an expression of gratitude for all they he or she does. For the new homeowner, a bell can function as a way to gather the family for dinner when they are scattered. To celebrate a new baby or job promotion, a bell can be inscribed to mark the date, making it a treasured keepsake of a special occasion.

The beauty of pewter has made it a popular metal for centuries. It has been forged into house wares of exceptional durability and utility since this alloy was first made. A hand cast pewter school bell is a piece that makes a great gift for the special people in our lives, and it will bring the lustrous beauty of pewter into their homes. It is destined to become a treasured memento through the years.

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