Unique Baby Gift

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A unique baby gift shows your thoughtfulness, and reminds mom and dad of you every time they see it. As baby grows, he or she will also have a treasured memento to take with them through the years. There are many options when choosing a truly special gift. For something timeless that baby will never outgrow, pewter is an excellent choice. There are many handcrafted baby gifts created out of this lustrous metal, each a one-of-a-kind piece that will mark this special occasion with style.

Pewter Makes a Unique Baby Gift

One of the most memorable events in a baby's life is the time when he first starts eating solid foods. The gift of a pewter baby cup, plate and utensils anticipates this time with pleasure and marks it as a truly special occasion. Cup handles decorated with block letters and fairy tale creatures add to the whimsy of baby's first plate ware.

Porringers are small bowls originally designed to be a child's first bowl. They have handles on one or both sides to make them easy to carry. This would make a charming and unique baby gift that can be used through the toddler years. A child size utensil set is just right for little hands. And consider keepsakes such as Christmas ornaments and bells, perhaps engraved with baby's name and birth date.

Pewter makes for a unique baby gift that will last through a lifetime of use. Pewter glows with a luster found in no other metal. This gives it a look that has been prized for centuries. Any baby (and parent) would love to receive the gift of this timeless metal, crafted into delightful gifts by master pewtersmiths who still use traditional methods. It is likely to be the first truly fine piece of precious metal that baby will ever own.

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