Wine Caddy

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter wine caddy presents your favorite bottle of wine in style, and makes an impressive statement when entertaining. Consider it as a gift for a special occasion or award for a job well done. Pewter is a timeless metal with a distinctive silvery glow, and it is still handcrafted using methods employed by American and European craftsmen for centuries. A pewter caddy reflects the utility and elegance that has made pewter popular since it was first invented a thousand years ago.

The Pewter Wine Caddy for Entertaining

A caddy takes many forms, but essentially it is a holder for one or two bottles of wine and glasses. It allows the host and hostess to bring the wine to the table easily. A bucket-style caddy can be filled with ice and set at the table or buffet to keep the wine cold while guests are eating. Glasses can be kept chilled, as well. A pewter caddy will add sparkle to any table setting, and will blend beautifully with an existing pewter collection.

When choosing a wine caddy, consider how you want it to function. Some caddies hold one bottle of wine and some hold more. A bucket-style caddy can accommodate ice while a basket or stand only holds the wine. Compartments that hold the glasses may be included, or there may be room to set the glasses in with the wine. Pewter caddies can be embellished or plain, according to individual taste.

The addition of a wine caddy to the serving set will enhance entertaining and help the occasion run smoothly. It is yet another example of the utility inherent in pewter, a durable and malleable metal that serves many functions while remaining lustrous and beautiful through the years. The gift of a pewter caddy will be remembered for years to come.

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