Diascia Perennials

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Also known as Twinspurs, diascia perennials have been popular in Britain for quite some time. Only in the last decade or so have they been known in the United States. Full sun flowers, they are characterized by clusters of delicate small flowers--with a shape akin to snapdragons--that bloom for most of the summer. Colors range across the warmer tones, from pink to red to lavender to peach.

While tolerant of warmer temperatures, diascia perennials are not partial to the hot and humid climate of the American South, for which they can scarcely be blamed. They are well suited to growth in borders, containers, and hanging baskets. Deadheading is recommended to encourage blooming during an already extended season.

Varieties of Diascia Perennials

Appleblossom stands eight to 12 inches at maturity, more upright than trailing, and spreads about half again as wide as it is tall. Its exceptionally large--for a Twinspur--flowers are a pink and white bicolor that bloom early and tolerate higher temperatures than is normal for diascia perennials. Ice Pole, something of a breakthrough for Twinspurs, sports white flowers that stand out dramatically against deep green foliage. About 10 to 16 inches at maturity, Ice Pole spreads to about 18 inches.

Trailing Red grows as fast as any diascia, to about eight to 12 inches, more trailing than upright, and spreads to about 18 or more inches. Its colors are intensely and deep, and its flowers somewhat larger than most. An eye-catcher that enjoys full sun like all diascia, it does very well in hanging baskets on its own.

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