House Plant Nurseries

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You'll only occasionally find specialized house plant nurseries. Most are part of a larger facility that offers outdoor vegetables, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees in addition to tropical greenhouse plants. What's important, of course, is the health of the plants you're buying and quality of horticultural advice the nursery offers.

For Sale at House Plant Nurseries

The most dependably attractive feature of house plants is their foliage. We're pleased, of course, when cacti and African violets bloom. Some of us become orchid enthusiasts and experts. For the most part, though, as we meander through house plant nurseries, what catches our eye is the luxuriant foliage.

From the soft gently waved fronds of the Asplenium fern to the thick textured leaves of the fiddle-leaf fig, the variation of pattern in house plant foliage is both infinite and marvelous. If you're a veteran indoor gardener, you know that if you have an abundance of windows and east, west, or south light streaming through them, you can choose almost what you want. A surprising number of indoor plants, however, fare well enough on artificial light. You're best advised to read through books on house plants, or--even easier--the websites of different online house plant nurseries.

Remember, it doesn't matter whether your indoor garden is one plant on the windowsill or dozens of them in a sun room and scattered throughout the house. Live foliage adds such an important dimension to interior decor that most of us can't resist at least one or two. The elegant and delicate asparagus fern will thrive in bright, but not direct, light and moist soil. Keep a variety of smaller cacti in direct sun all year, however, and you'll be rewarded with marvelous desert blooms.

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