Insect Control

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Insects can ruin a garden or lawn experience by simply making it unbearable to be outside. Flea, ticks and ants can all be nuisances to your family and your pets. Keeping up with lawn maintenance and insect control practices can keep insect populations on the decline.

Any amount of insect control is not going to work unless you work to keep your lawn and garden free of insect attractions. Piles of rocks and gravel that have been sitting in one place for an extended period of time can be a perfect place for insects to live and breed. Keep rock piles down to a minimum. Insects also love overgrown grass and plants. Keep the grass trimmed, and prune bushes, trees and other plants. Rake up fallen leaves so as not to provide moist, cool places for insects to breed.

Organic Insect Control

Nematodes are the most abundant multi-cellular organisms on earth. They are parasitic organisms that live in soil; a handful of soil can contain thousands of them. These organisms are now being sold in garden stores as eco-friendly insecticides.

Nematodes are used to combat fleas, grubs, cutworms and termites, to name a few. The nematodes enter these insects through body openings, fill the pest with toxin and kill it within 48 hours. You simply purchase the nematodes and spread them around your lawn like you would any other kind of insecticide and let them do their work.

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