Liquid Lime

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Liquid lime is a soil conditioner that helps to balance soil pH level. It is a basic conditioner that will help bring up the pH level of soil that is too acidic. Liquid lime is very concentrated liquid limestone that is good for quick pH fixes.

Liquid lime usually comes in pellet or powder form, but it sometimes comes in a liquid form. It can be added just about anywhere the soil is too acidic, like plant pots, flowerbeds, lawns and mulch. Since liquid lime is concentrated limestone, it can be considered organic and is a safe way to raise pH levels in your soil.

About the pH Scale

The pH scale can be a bit confusing. Acidity and alkalinity make up the pH scale. Everything below seven is considered acidic and everything above seven is considered alkaline. Seven is neutral. The lower the number on the pH scale, the more acidic it is and the higher the number, the more alkaline it is. To make the pH go down, add acids and to make the pH level go up, add bases.

You can test the pH level of your soil on your own or you can have a professional test it. Home kits are available at most home improvement and garden stores. There are many garden companies that will test a sample of your soil if you bring it or send it to them, and there are companies that will come out to you and do the pH test at your home. Remember, if you're sending away for a test or doing the test yourself, make sure the soil is dry. Wet soil can provide false results and cause you to correct for problems you may not have.

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