Perennial Plant Nurseries

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Before you sit down to buy from perennial plant nurseries, you will have planned down to the last inch. The first step is to map out on graph paper the area of the garden. Sketch the arrangement of the flower beds. They are usually rectangular and backed against a fence or wall or hedge, but can be any form you want. How you design is a matter of style. That you design before you buy, before you plant, is a matter of necessity.

Selecting from Perennial Plant Nurseries

You'll probably next decide what colors you want where and when. Perennials bloom at specified seasons only, so you'll probably change your mind on flowers and colors a few times before you're happy. Remember that the perennial flower garden you're designing will be with you for some years to come. It pays to take as much time with the design as you can.

Whether you buy plants by catalog, from online perennial plant nurseries, or at your local garden center is up to you. Established nurseries will caution you that a 100 percent guarantee is virtually impossible with shipped plants. You might want to bear in mind that the plants you buy from your local garden center have almost always been shipped from somewhere else.

It's best to buy plants that have not yet bloomed. Younger plants adapt better to a new environment than blooming plants. If you do order live plants in midwinter, mail-order perennial plant nurseries will (or should) ship so that the plants arrive at the right time for planting in your climate zone. You will plant the rooted perennials in soil you have already prepared by turning, amending, and fertilizing. You want to plant immediately, and preferably on an overcast or rainy day.

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