Plant Nursery Supplies

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Inevitably when you buy seedlings and bedding plants you end up getting plant nursery supplies as well. Am I right? The times you don't, it's because you think what you need is in the shed at home from the last time you visited the nursery--whether fertilizer stakes or root feeder cartridges or a pH soil analyzer doesn't matter. Am I wrong?

Tips on Plant Nursery Supplies

The right tools in gardening and landscaping make all the difference. Consider how many specialized ones there are. To name a few, for example, you've got bypass pruners, lopper shears, and the Dutch perennial planter, a cross between a spade and a trowel. Dandelion weed pullers, planting augers, transplanter spades are just a few other plant nursery supplies you might contemplate.

Of course, before you put new plants in untested ground, you'll probably want to test the soil. Plant nursery supplies and accessories in this line include pH testers and moisture meters. Meters are particularly useful with recently planted and young trees, in determining whether to water and how much to water.

Some nursery supplies are more important than others. Chances are you need only a few gardening tools. Oil and clean them regularly and they'll last for as long as you want to use them. More important are soil conditioning and plant protection. Soil preparation might mean only leaf mold, because it holds moisture well and is dense in nutrients. Plants are no less domesticated than cats and canaries. They need protection against insects, diseases, and animals.

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