Seaweed Fertilizers

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Organic seaweed fertilizer is becoming increasingly popular among people looking for alternatives to chemical fertilizers. Not only are organic fertilizers better for the environment and your yard, but they are also closer to the fertilizers that nature provides for uncultivated plants, grasses and trees. Seaweed fertilizer is rich in nutrients while providing a safe place for your family to relax.

Some seaweed fertilizers are extracted from ascophyllum nodosum, a brown seaweed known as knotted wrack. This seaweed is found commonly on North Atlantic shores, along the coast of Canada. The seaweed is freshly harvested, dried and then carefully ground and milled into fertilizer.

Seaweed fertilizer is compatible with most other lawn products, such as fungicides, insecticides and other fertilizers. This fertilizer should be worked into the soil or growing medium as soon as possible in the spring. If you have perennials, work the fertilizer in at the end of the dormancy period. Seaweed fertilizers can be found in liquid, powder or granule form.

Building Stronger Plants

Seaweed fertilizer has been known not only to increase the growth of your plants, but their ability to stand up to hardships as well. Since seaweed is a plant just like those you're trying to grow, seaweed fertilizer contains growth hormones that strengthen your plants, crops or lawn. This increases resistance to disease, adverse weather conditions, and other abuses.

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