Wholesale Nursery Plants

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The minimum number stipulation for buying wholesale nursery plants is usually about 500. And, more often than not, 500 of a single plant are more than most of us want or need. Furthermore, many nurseries might also ask for a tax ID number to verify eligibility to buy at wholesale rates. There, that's all the bad news out of the way.

If you're in property management, however, wholesale nursery plants would doubtless be a godsend. You serve on your condominium board of directors. You're property manager for an office building. You're director of grounds maintenance for an apartment complex. Odds are that 500 of a single plant are exactly what you want.

Wholesale Nursery Plants: A Few Possibilities

Ground covers--plants that crawl, vine, clump, or creep--are a good candidate for the kind of plants you might be interested in buying. They're the practical plants of the landscape and probably the most versatile as well. Ground covers are attractive accents and help create depth and texture. Envision thick blankets of periwinkle around the base of trees, or ivy and juniper in shaded areas.

Hostas, a low thick-leaved and hardy shade perennial, are available in many varieties and colorations. They're ideally suited for landscaping designed for minimal maintenance. Fairly quick growers, they have lily-like blooms and will grow in normal, sandy, or clay soil. Retail prices--just to put this discussion of wholesale nursery plants in perspective--range from $12 to $15 each, depending on quantity. Whether you use local and regional nurseries or their online cousins, it's probably worth checking into wholesale rates.

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