Aquabead Filter

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Need Good Pond Filters?

If you have a pond in your garden or inside your house you'll already know how important it is to have sufficient filtration for the water system. You'll most probably need more than one type of filter; the bigger the pond, the more pumps you'll need. A very popular type of pump for garden and home ponds is the Aquabead filter.

Owners of garden or indoor ponds love their Aquabead filter because, quite simply, they're so easy to use. Even if you're not an expert you can get really professional results with an Aquabead filter. If you're looking for crystal clear pond water, as most pond owners are, this is one pump you'll be really happy with.

The Aquabead Filter is so Easy!

No plumbing job necessary to open this pump when you need to see what's going on. There's a special opening to allow you to just that without any interruption to the water flow, and without hours of messy fiddling about. With many pond pumps, if there is any interruption to the flow, finding out what the problem is can be a major operation that all pond owners dread!

The Aquabead filter comes with a lifetime warranty too, so you can look forward to years of satisfied use without having to make contingency plans because your pond filter has ceased to function. With pond filters, reliability is of prime importance because this is a function we do not want to be committed to checking every day. We have lives right?

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