Artesian Pump

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Why Use an Artesian Pump?

Another term for an artesian pump is an "out of pond" pump. There are many reasons why pond owners might decide to place their pump above the water level. Not least of them is to protect precious aquatic life. An artesian pump will not kill fish with oil or electrical leaks. In fact, this is so important to fish lovers that most of them would not consider any other type of pump for their pond.

Of course, an artesian pump can also be used for many other domestic uses. Ponds are just one option. They are commonly used for raising well water, irrigation, and even for such municipal uses as municipal water management, extinguishing, and they may also be used on ships or in nuclear plants. Oh, and we nearly forgot. Some types of artesian pumps can also be used underwater, so don't exclude them for that use either!

Fish and Kids Love an Artesian Pump!

Even if you're not particularly a fish lover, if you have children or have lots of children visiting, you might want to consider the use of an artesian pump for your ponds and water features. Children are naturally curious, constantly sticking their hands in everything, and like fish, they could be injured if there is an oil or electrical leak in any kind of pump that's submerged in water. When you take into account Murphy's law, (what can go wrong will go wrong), then you're far better off using an artesian pump with kids around!

But of course, you may be looking for an artesian pump for some other purpose. They are a wise choice, simply because they are simply designed and know for their robustness and reliability. Although these are, of course, basic qualities of an artesian pump, quality matters. So make sure you find a good supplier of quality artesian pumps for your needs.

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