Backyard Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Backyard ponds make a great addition to any home landscape. They add a touch of life and natural beauty to a garden or backyard. They are also a wonderful way to learn about ecology. Before undertaking projects like backyard ponds, it's important to be aware of a few things.

Backyard Ponds: Basic Considerations

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to backyard ponds is to consider what they will be used for. Is the pond in question going to have fish and plants in it? Do you want a fountain or waterfall? The needs of a pond with no life in it are quite different than those that will.

It's a little easier if a pond is not going to have plants and fish in it. This is especially true if you are interested in a fountain or waterfall. These items tend to aerate the water quite a bit. They also create a very turbulent environment for fish and plants, making it difficult for them to thrive. If you are going to have a pond with no plants or fish, you have more freedom with things like fountains, waterfalls, and mechanical filters.

Let There Be Life

When the pond is going to have fish and plants, many considerations are necessary. Plants need proper amounts of sunshine, fertilizer, and soil. Fish need to have certain plants with which they will best co-inhabit. Anacharis grass, water hyacinths, and water lettuce are good plants to provide food and remove fish waste. The PH and bacterial levels of the water will also need to be maintained with the right water treatment chemical and a biological filter. Make sure to do your homework.

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