Backyard Pools

Written by Michael O'Brien
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For some people, nature watching is a favorite past time. Birds, frogs, water snakes, and salamanders are just some of the fascinating animals which could potentially be attracted to backyard pools. If nature watching is the goal, it's important to be aware of a few things.

Backyard Pools: Attracting Animals

Many people construct backyard pools in order to attract animals that will come to the pond to drink. Birds will be the most common animal seen in such a habitat. Frogs and salamanders will also use an artificial pond to mate and lay eggs. Even turtles and water snakes (which are harmless) will be attracted to a pond.

If the backyard in question is constructed near a water table, just digging a hole will do. It will fill up with water and form a natural pond. Cement ponds and the ones which use plastic and rubber liners that must be filled with water also work well and provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing a pond to be any shape or size desired. Pre-formed pond molds made of PVC or fiberglass are also available. These are extremely sturdy but limiting since you can't decide the size and shape they come in.

Nature Watching

It's also important to be aware of the likelihood of seeing certain animals. Again, birds will be the most likely visitors. Other animals like frogs, salamanders and water snakes are only going to be present if a natural body of water is near the home in question. Unless you stock it with them, animals not native to an area are not going to just appear out of nowhere just because you built a pond in your backyard.

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