Bio Pond Filter

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Murky Pond?

If you have a backyard pond with a selection of fish and aquatic plants, you'll want to protect your investment. With fish, the health of the pond water is vital. Get the balance wrong and your fish will die. That's why so many pond enthusiasts choose some type of a bio pond filter to help them in this delicate, and sometimes difficult task.

In nature, water systems are constantly refreshed by natural springs and streams. In your backyard pond this is not so. Correct balance must be maintained by mechanical means, and you can get a pond filter that is exactly right for your pond environment and the kind of fish you keep.

Bio Pond Filter Tasks

A bio pond filter will, ideally perform two important tasks. To begin with it needs to remove particles by trapping them and removing them from the flow. Then it needs to convert ammonia to nitrites and nitrates. This process needs a good supply of oxygen, so many experts maintain that an external pond filter makes the best bio pond filter.

If you're pond is green and murky instead of crystal clear with healthy fish, chances are you could considerably improve the situation with a bio pond filter. You will need to make some calculations to make sure that you get the right size of bio pond filter and pond pump. These calculations can be affected by many factors. See our other pages for information on factors that will increase the actual volume of your pond.

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