Bubble Bead Pond Filters

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For a Sparkling Clear Pond

The standard measurements for filtering garden ponds are once an hour for a pond without a waterfall or fountain, and once ever two hours if you have such water features. If you have Koi in your pond, however, you should allow for more filtration than that because these big beauties do tend to produce rather a lot of pond pollution. Your fish are a valuable investment so it makes sense to make sure that they are given the best conditions for health.

In addition to a good pond skimming arrangements, you may decide that one of those effective little bubble bead pond filters would be a great addition to your pond filtering. Bubble bead pond filters are great for giving you the sparkling, clear water that is everyone's idea of a perfect pond. In addition they are highly efficient at breaking down pond waste biologically.

Bubble Bead Pond Filters--The New Leading Choice

Bubble bead pond filters are so good at what they do that they are now the leading choice for experts when they are equipping new ponds. They are also the most popular type of replacement pump for pond enthusiasts who are replacing existing pond filters. Bubble bead pond filters are great for all types of garden ponds, even if you keep Koi which are known to create a lot of pollution for filters to deal with.

In addition to coldwater and tropical garden pond systems, bubble bead pond filters can even be used for saltwater systems with minor adjustments. If you have a high concentration of Koi in your pond, you will need to consider a much larger filter than that normally required for your size of pond. Koi have big appetites, and in addition their activity tends to churn up a lot of sludge from the bottom of the pond. So make sure you make allowances for this when you calculate the size of bubble bead pond filters you are planning to use, for absolutely best results.

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