Building Ponds Landscape

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Building ponds landscape is an important aspect of pond construction. Besides being the right size and shape, you want a pond that will be ecologically healthy and will support the life you put it in it. Planning is the key to successfully building ponds landscape.

Building Ponds Landscape: Where to Begin

The first step is in deciding the size and shape of a pond. Using a garden hose is probably the easiest way to do this. Remember that the greater the surface area of the pond, the more healthy it will be. It should be at least 25 square feet in diameter. The shape should also be simple. A simpler shape will take greater advantage of the surface area.

After the hole has been dug, lined with concrete or plastic pond liner, and filled with water, the next step is in adding the accessories. Before you stock a pond with fish, it's best to place any waterfalls or rock structures around it first. The same applies to the addition of plants. It's best to introduce the fish last in order to make the transition to their new habitat as smooth as possible. Just like people, fish don't want to move into a home that's still under construction.

Enjoy the Landscape

The other important aspect of pond landscaping is visibility. Be sure to place a pond, brook, or waterfall in a location where it will be the most visible. The object is to enjoy the pond, not hide it. The addition of plants and grass around a pond will also help to add to its beauty, and cover up any filters or pumps that may need to be installed.

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