Decorative Fish Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Decorative fish ponds are very popular for beatifying a backyard landscape. In order to also have an ecologically successful pond, there are certain factors to be aware of. If you are going to use fish for decoration, you need to know what to do to keep them healthy. There's nothing decorative or beautiful about a bunch of sick, dead fish.

Decorative Fish Ponds and Healthy Ones

Decorative fish ponds need to be healthy in order to be beautiful. This means stocking it with the elements it will need to help fish grow. Anacharis grass added to the bottom of a pond will help oxygenate the water. Floating plants, such as water lettuce or water hyacinths will absorb animal waste and provide food for the fish. A filter and waterfall will also help oxygenate and purify the water, and provide a more attractive, tranquil quality to a backyard pond.

The Right Fish

The next part is in choosing the right fish. Koi ponds are very popular because these fish are so colorful and beautiful. The only problem with koi is, they eat a lot of plant matter, and produce a lot of waste. Plants won't live long in a koi pond, and without plants, you have to use a lot of artificial filtering to clean the water. You must also feed the fish yourself constantly to keep them healthy. Koi are high maintenance fish. (And they're expensive too.)

Goldfish on the other hand are a much better choice. They are cheap, rugged, and don't eat as much or expel as much waste. Goldfish will be allow you to maintain a much more ecologically balanced pond. They also look nice too.

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