Elektra Pro Uv

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Why Use UV?

You may have wondered why so many pond enthusiasts insist that installing a UV filter alongside your normal pond biofilter is such a good idea. To understand we need to go back to how a UV filter actually works, and what it does. A UV, or ultraviolet lamp, is very similar in looks to an ordinary fluorescent light. The difference is that inside the tube of a UV light is mercury gas and the tube is actually made of quartz, whereas a fluorescent lamp tube is made of straightforward glass.

The quartz in the UV lamp allows the UV light to shine through along with a proportion of visible light. In a fluorescent light, the glass is lined with phosphor coating to screen out the UV. As ultraviolet light is an effective sterilizing agent, this resulting UV ray is excellent for sterilizing water supplies of all sorts. Elektra Pro UV lamps are particularly suitable for swimming pools, ponds and other heavy duty water sterilization purposes.

Elektra Pro UV Construction

An Elektra Pro UV light source is placed inside a wet chamber to make it doubly safe for pool and pond use. The high intensity electricity makes the Electra Pro UV a particularly potent sterilizing tool, that will kill most organisms and even protozoa. In case you're wondering how an Elektra Pro UV lamp is so effective at getting rid of these organisms, we can tell you that it actually affects their DNA, rendering them completely harmless.

Although you can use your Elektra Pro UV lamp in a wide range of heavy duty applications such as ponds, fountains, waterfalls and swimming pools, it is not for use in potable drinking water supplies. This sanitizer and clarifier will, however, give you years of reliable use in the capacity for which it was designed. You will love the way Elektra Pro UV keeps you algae and bacteria free. You'll be left with sparkling clear water!

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