External Pond Pump

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Why an External Pond Pump?

There are arguments for and against using an external pond pump for your backyard pond. In general fish lovers favor the external pond pump for a couple of very important reasons. Although the design and construction of pond pumps is getting better and better all the time, with a submersible pond pump there is always the danger that it will leak oil, or even worse, electricity.

Of course, such leaks could spell the kiss of death to valuable pond stock, so it may seem sensible to use an external pond pump that will never pose such dangers. But even the owners of some purely ornamental ponds because of ease of maintenance and the high level of effectiveness that comes with many types of external pond pump.

Dragon External Pond Pump

You can even get an external pond pump, called a Dragon pump, that will still work if it is placed up to four feet above the surface of the pond. Now that is a powerful unit, and can be a great asset to the way your pond looks and functions! Experts recommend that for Koi ponds in particular an external pond pump is used.

This is because Koi need a lot of filtration power and as they are pretty active fish, they churn up a tremendous amount of debris from the bottom of the pond. A high powered external pond pump will allow you to relax and enjoy your pond without worrying about whether your filtration is sufficient or if your fish are going to get poisoned or electrocuted from the pump!

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