Fish Mate Pond Filter

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Healthy Fish and Clear Water

If crystal clear water and healthy fish are supremely important to you, you might want to consider a Fish Mate pond filter for your backyard pond. The Fish Mate pond filter is simply one of the most efficient bio pond filters because it has a powerful three-stage mechanical and biological water filtration for optimal water quality. Of course, many bio filters do not have any really effective means of mechanical filtration, so you'd have to employ at least one other means of mechanical filtration.

This is quite simply not so with the Fish Mate pond filter. In addition to being a great shade of green that will blend in with the surroundings, the Fish Mate pond filter is super easy to maintain. You can get a whole range of different models to suit your requirements so that you can have a choice of not only size, but whether you'd prefer an above or below ground filter too.

A Fish Mate Pond Filter for Any Pond

You can get a Fish Mate pond filter for ponds of up to 6,000 gallons. These models have a clear water guarantee provided you are using the correct size of filter for your pond. Don't forget here that actual pond volume and effective pond volume can be two entirely different things.

They may involve such issues as climate, whether your pond is in full or partial sunlight, and how many fish you have. The more fish you have the stronger the filtration unit will need. This applies especially if you have Koi, as they are known to produce a lot of pond pollution. See your Pond Mate pond filter dealer for help in calculating your pond's effective volume.

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