Fountain Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Fountain ponds add a tranquil, classical, beautiful air to a backyard or garden. When placing a fountain in a pond where fish and plants live, however, there are some things to be aware of. Just because you like them, fountains aren't always best for the wildlife living in a pond.

The Problem with Fountain Ponds

Fountain ponds can be a problem for fish and plants. The constantly falling water is loud and disruptive to fish and can over aerate the water. The flow isn't too good for plants either, as the constant pounding to the water disrupts roots. If a fountain is a must have, be sure it is small and doesn't create much of a splash.

The Beauty of Fountains

On the other hand, fountains can make for beautiful garden sculptures, and the sound of the falling water is wonderful. If you are going to add a real fountain to a yard, it may as well be just that ... a fountain. It's best to not even try to add plants and animals to the mix.

Fountains can make a great addition to any garden or backyard. Just be careful about where you put them. Fish and plants like a calm, serene environment. Even the addition of a waterfall, despite its benefits, can be a problem if the water flow is too strong. When dealing with water flowing structures, like fountains, it is probably best to either be very conservative, or to keep such a thing away from plants and fish altogether.

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