Frog Ponds

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Frogs can live in a variety of places, including your own backyard. It's important to know what frogs need to survive in order to attract them to frog ponds. Essentially, frogs need moisture, shelter and food. It's easy to create this by planting native trees, using mulch, and providing logs, rocks and water.

Patience is a Virtue

It could take several years to attract native frogs to frog ponds. In the meantime, enjoy your beautiful pond area. Use natural, leafy mulch around garden beds and your frog pond. While manicured gardens look great, they don't offer shelter or protection for frogs. Leafy bog plants also attract insects to the garden, which frogs will gladly eat.

Frogs dehydrate easily and need a lot of moisture. It is critical to have clean water available. This is quickly remedied with a simple garden hose. It would seem that tap water is appropriate, since its good enough for people. Unfortunately it contains chemicals that frogs don't need.

Frog Ponds are for Frogs, Remember

Be sure to consider frogs' needs when constructing your pond. Ponds should have sloped sides and be spoon-shaped with shallow sloping ramps. This allows frogs and tadpoles turning into frogs (metamorphs) to enter and exit easily. Once you have everything in place, look forward to new little green friends joining the family.

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