How To Make Custom Aquariums

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Finding out how to make custom aquariums can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you can undertake. As it so happens, this is an area that yours truly has a bit of experience with. Let me tell you a little of what I know about the subject.

How to Make Custom Aquariums: Choices Galore

The first step on how to make custom aquariums is in choosing the clear, aquarium container itself. Just keep in mind that the smaller it is, the smaller the fish will have to be, or the less fish you can add. Next, pick out a filter. Biological filters with a gentle flow and suction action are best to maintain healthy bacteria and keep water disruption to a minimum. A top cover that fits your aquarium box will also be necessary for adding a light and for covering the filter from view.

Next, choose your pond's landscape. There are nearly limitless choices for adding rock sand to the floor of your aquarium, fake rock and choral formations, and other neat props. I found that keeping it simple is best. It's good to give the fish an interesting environment to swim through and hide in, but don't clutter it up with a lot of junk.

Your Tenants

The last step is in adding the fish themselves. To make the transition smooth for them, have your aquarium all built and designed before you put them in. Adding a water treatment chemical is also necessary to eliminate strange elements that may be in tap water, like chlorine or lead. Finally, keep the fish in the bag they came in and submerge it in the aquarium for about half an hour before releasing them, so they can get used to the water temperature of their new home.

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