Koi Pond Accessories

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Koi pond accessories are wonderful additions to ponds. They are also vital to the life and health of koi. Koi are beautiful fish. They come with a price, however. Koi can be difficult to manage. They can be aggressive, ravenous, and tear up or even eat plants in your pond. This means that you not only have to feed them a lot, but you also have to deal with the waste that accompanies this.

Koi Pond Accessories Promote Health

Test kits help keep the koi pond healthy and safe. These kits make it easy to test ammonia and nitrates and make sure the PH level is in good shape. Koi must not only get enough food, but also enough oxygen. If too much algae and bad bacteria is present in the water, fish basically choke.

Koi Feeders

Automated feeders are one of the fancier koi pond accessories. Just make sure the feeder is well-stocked. Unlike many fish, koi will eat both animal and plant matter. They don't have stomachs, so they are unable to eat a lot at one time, but they do consume quite a bit over time and create a lot of waste which needs to be safely filtered out.

One of the most vital Koi pond accessories is a pump. This makes it especially important to keep their water clean. Without cleansed water, koi would be unable to breathe in their environment. A good pump needs to be installed before the fish arrive. If the water gets disturbed too much while the fish are in it, there may be no saving them.

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