Koi Pond Supplies

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Koi pond supplies are vital to the health of your pond wildlife. As beautiful as koi are, they can be tough to care for. They are notorious for tearing up and eating pond plants. There are important steps you can take to remedy this with the right koi pond supplies.

Koi eat a lot of food. They generally devour plants. They look nice when you see them at Japanese restaurants but if you decide to have your own, then you should be prepared for a lot of feeding and maintenance. One of the most vital koi pond supplies is food. Koi food comes in the form of pellets. These are generally fed to koi twice a day, morning and night.

Waste Not Want Not

Because koi eat a lot of food, they create a lot of waste. It is critical to their survival that their waste is routinely cleaned out. Waste in water can contaminate the fish and they will ultimately die. Biological filters are an easy remedy for this. Make sure you install the appropriate filter for the size of your pond. In a successful eco-system, all elements must work in harmony.

Koi Pond Supplies Include Protection

It can be difficult to have both koi and plants in your garden pond. The plants they don't eat, they tend to dig up. It's a good investment to buy protectors such as the submerged plant and a pump protector net. If your problem is with koi destroying water lilies, purchase a floating plant protector net. These nets protect the base of the plant by encapsulating them, making it impossible for fish to dig them up.

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