Outdoor Garden Pools

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Outdoor garden pools make for an absolutely beautiful addition to any backyard. Besides the aesthetic appeal, there's something very rewarding about building and caring for garden pools as a hobby. Like an aquarium, a pond is something that needs special attention.

Outdoor Garden Pools: A Rewarding Effort

One of the first steps in building and caring for outdoor garden pools is in getting a little ecological education. In order to support life, the right plants need to be present and properly cared for. Anacharis grasses planted on the bottom of an outdoor pool are a great foundation to begin with. Like these grasses, other plants such as water lettuce and water hyacinths also help oxygenate the water and absorb waste materials.

A Proper Balance

In order for plants to thrive, there needs to be a proper balance of sunlight, food, and a calm environment. The surface area of the pond is essential. The more surface area, the healthier a pond will be. Depth is something to watch out for, especially when grasses are involved. A pool shouldn't be any deeper than a couple of feet so that sunlight can reach the bottom.

Pond plants, like any, need soil to be planted in. Pots can be used for planting vegetation and filled with top soil and manure. These pots can then be submerged and placed on the pond floor. The water may be muddied a bit at first, but if the pots are packed tightly enough, the water won't dissolve and dissipate the soil too much. Keeping a pond environment calm and the water still will also help plants maintain and grow roots as well.

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