Pond Accessories

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond accessories are numerous and widely available. There are a lot of different pond cleaning supplies like mechanical and biological filters, and vacuums. There is a myriad of benches, statues, arbors, and other external means to enjoy your pond. Part of the fun of having a pond is being creative.

Lights up on Pond Accessories

One of the most popular pond accessories is pond lighting. Lighting makes for a dramatic and romantic night time effect. This enables you to enjoy your pond more often. Be careful with lighting if you have fish in your pond. Lights generate heat, and too much could kill your koi, goldfish, or other pond dwellers.

Another appealing accessory is a waterfall or fountain. Few sounds are as pleasing and relaxing as the flow of water. One of the joys of having a pond near your home is hearing the gentle trickling of water. This is one of the pond accessories that evokes peaceful feelings. There are a lot of sizes and shapes of fountains. It's fun to experiment with the one that suits you best.

Rushing Water is not Always Relaxing

The sound of rushing water is not relaxing if you are a fish in that pond. If you have fish, a waterfall or fountain can be very dangerous. It essentially sets up a storm scenario where the they live. It can cause them to be unable to eat or even breathe, which can prove fatal. If you choose to have running water alongside wildlife, keep it minimal so it won't disturb the fish.

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