Pond Aerators

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond aerators are important for maintaining a healthy pond environment. Without pond aerators, pond water becomes filthy and stagnant. It may even begin to stink. This is a very difficult problem to fix as you'd basically have to start building your pond all over. That's more work than most of us want to undertake and it's completely avoidable.

Research Pond Aerators

The best way to proceed is to research and gather information before you build a pond. Know what supplies you need to have a healthy pond. The next step is to build your dream aqua paradise. People have often regretted just diving into hydro-landscaping without having vital information. It's important not to make a mess of your backyard. Do the hard work at the beginning to avoid problems later.

Pond aerators serve several functions. If you have fish, your aerator will keep the water clean and healthy for them. Aerators help cleanse the water of waste and algae. If the temperature in your area gets very cold in winter, you'll want to use a de-icer in addition to an aerator to keep the water from freezing.

Buy the Right Size

Make sure you buy the right size pond aerator. A large aerator in a small pond can disturb the wildlife. Plants and fish have difficulty surviving. It would be like creating a constant hurricane in your backyard eco-system. By the same token, a small aerator in a large area can do little to help keep the overwhelming environment clean.

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