Pond Care

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond care is something that should be extensively researched before undertaking such an addition to your yard or property. After you get the pond constructed, it's best to look at it the same way you would a garden, swimming pool, or aquarium. In fact, a garden pond is in many ways all of these things combined. Pond care is certainly not a matter to be taken lightly.

Pond Care 101

Before you start, think about what purpose the pond will serve. Will it just be a body of water? Do you plan on adding a waterfall or fountain? If the pond is just going to be a decorative pool of water, you can pretty much treat it like a swimming pool. The proper mixture of chlorine will keep it clean and a nice, powerful, mechanical filter and pump will keep it looking nice and staying pure.

If the pond in question is going to be a place where things like fish and plants are going to live, however, chlorine is the last thing you want. Even so, chemicals will have to be added to get rid of the elements that do typically exist in tap water. A biological filter will also be preferable to make for a healthier living environment.

Putting the right kinds of plants and fish together is another important aspect of pond care. You want plants that will provide food for the fish and that will feed off their waste. You also want fish who will not eat all the plants like koi fish tend to do. Most experts recommend goldfish. They are attractive, robust, and they don't eat much.

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