Pond Cleaning Supplies

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond cleaning supplies are vital to a healthy pond. Microbe lift, for example, is a purifier in liquid form. It is useful in rendering water livable to fish and frogs. It removes organic bottom solids which take a long time to degrade. A pond vacuum is also helpful in removing much from the bottom of the pond for a healthier environment. Supplies also include both mechanical and biological filters.

Types of Pond Cleaning Supplies

Mechanical filters are one of the most basic pond supplies. Cleaning a pond can't really be done any other way. Of course, you could sweep a pond the way you might sweep a swimming pool. This would get rid of visible debris, but it would be impossible to rid your pond of bad bacteria in this manner.

Mechanical filters siphon water, removing dangerous impurities that would harm plant life. They are unobtrusive and easy to operate. They create healthy water circulation which makes for a healthy plant environment. Of all the pond cleaning supplies, filters are arguably the most necessary.

Biological Filters: Natural Cleanser

Biological filters are another wonderful example of good pond cleaning supplies. They are natural and non-invasive. They can take the form of lava rocks, which are attractive and functional. These filters help turn toxins and waste into useful nitrates. If you have or intend to add wildlife such as fish or frogs to your pond, biological filters are a necessary investment.

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