Pond Equipment

Written by Michael O'Brien
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What kind of pond equipment will you need to keep your backyard pond healthy and looking nice? Cleaning equipment is probably the most essential. Pond equipment that will help beautify and maintain the health of a pond is also important. Making sure you have everything you need is the first step in insuring maximum life and happiness for your pond.

Essential Pond Equipment

When it comes to everyday maintenance, a filter and pump are the most important things you will need. The pump will draw water from the pond and the filter will strain out many small impurities which may be harmful or that are making the water dirty and murky. Beyond that, a vacuum and skimmer will help get rid of the larger debris like leaves and dead insects.

Items like lights and fountains are also important pieces of pond equipment for adding to its appearance. Special lights are designed for ponds to insulate their wiring from the water in which they will be submerged. Fountains come in just about any size, shape, or design you can imagine. They are like works of art and are true garden sculptures.

Other essential equipment can include PVC pipe for use in waterfall construction. Waterfalls need to pump quite a bit of water over a pretty good distance. Having a series of pipes pulling water out of the pond through the pump and back out again at the top of a waterfall is how to make such a structure work. It may seem ironic, but to make a pond more natural, it needs quite a bit of machinery and hardware to help it along. A pond you build in your backyard doesn't have the process of nature and hundred of years to help it thrive.

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