Pond Fountain

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Beauty of a Pond Fountain

Decorative effects for home ponds are as popular as ever. A pond fountain can really make a difference to the way your home looks. Water gardening can easily become a hobby, and even an obsession. There are a wide variety of fish and other living things you can keep in your pond if you want to, but you'll have to consider the right kind of filter for the kind of pond you want to keep.

To begin with, if your pond is simply a decoration, and a very pretty one at that, you will need a straightforward pond and pond fountain filter that will keep debris and slime out of your pond. But if you are intending to cultivate pond life of any kind, then you'll need at least one bio filter. Now, a bio filter won't keep out solid bits; for that you'll need a skimmer. But a biofilter will keep chemicals that could be dangerous to your pond life under control.

Different Filters

So, depending on the size of your pond and pond fountain, you may need two or three different filters. The bio filters are essential, not because of chemicals that were in the water to start with, but because pond life and rotting debris produce their own dangerous chemicals, such as ammonia for example. If these bio chemicals are not removed, then not only will your pond life die, but the resulting offending soup will make your pond and pond fountain very unattractive indeed.

Regarding the use of pond fountains, in warmer weather, with the combination of higher concentrations of oxygen caused by the pond fountain, you will probably experience overgrowth of green algae. This will definitely need to be dealt with as green algae can also be dangerous to fish. You will need to decide quite early on what kind of fish or pond life you want to include.

Some types, Koi, or carp for example, do not live well with other pond life, and will usually eat other breeds of fish. Again, Koi will probably not be disturbed by your pond fountain, but it could create too much disturbance for some other types of pond fish. Before buying fish for your garden pond you need to do some research so you decide on something that you like, and something that can survive in the pond and pond fountain environment that you have created.

UV Filters

You will probably be wise to install a UV filter in your pond. It will ensure a better environment all round, including for the pond fountain. Be aware that you can use sludge from the bottom of your pond on your compost heap. This is very nutritious stuff for your garden!

Filters though, will never be able to do all the work. You will still need to do a certain amount of physical maintenance to keep your pond and pond fountain looking their best. In deepest winter, you may want to turn off your pond fountain and cover the whole thing with some kind of protective covering to limit debris and possible weather damage. Of course this applies particularly if you live in an area where the winters are cold.

For the best effect with your pond fountain, you need crystal clear water. Don't let accumulations of debris and sludge spoil the view. You will find that owning a pond and pond fountain quickly gain interest. They are such objects of beauty and tranquility.

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