Pond Fountain Pumps

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond fountain pumps are a nice addition to a pond. The prime directive of water pumps is to provide circulation. This increases the availability of oxygen in the water which promotes pond life. When water is not circulated properly, it stagnates. This not only stinks, but eventually becomes a virtual deathtrap for anything trying to live in the pond.

Pond Fountain Pumps Help Avoid Problems

You didn't build a pond to have a big mud puddle in your back yard. Don't let your pond turn into one. Pond fountain pumps siphon water every couple of hours. This keeps the water fresh and vital. It is also nice to look at. Many fountains extend above the water line creating an attractive water spray.

Fountain pumps are artful, pleasing to look at, and perform a necessary purpose.
If you have several pond fountain pumps, you may not want to run them all at the same time. You'll save their operating motors if you alternate their usage.

Healthy Water is Beneficial

In addition to fountain aerators, a pond filter will help you keep your pond water healthy. Whether you use mechanical or biological filters, or a combination of both, your water will benefit. Plants and fish cannot live in contaminated water. Pumps and filters reduce bad bacteria and algae which harms fish. Just be careful when mixing stronger pumps with plants and animals. Too strong a force can over-aerate the water and create a turbulent environment for the life in your pond.

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