Pond Fountains

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond fountains are available in just about any style or type that you can imagine. Whatever your tastes or artistic sensibilities, there are pond fountains out there to match. There are a few things to be aware of with a fountain, however. They are not quite as simple as they may seem on the surface.

Pond Fountains: Beauty and Elegance

The first step with pond fountains is to think about what you want. Do you want a loud, torrential stream of falling water, or a soothing trickle? The reason this is important has to do with the pump you will choose for your fountain. A pump is what you will need to circulate the water to the top of a fountain so it can fall back down into your pond. The more powerful the pump, the stronger the amount of falling water there will be.

It's also important to keep a pond with a fountain extremely clean. It should be given the proper mixture of chlorine and should be cleaned the same as a swimming pool. It is very easy for debris to get clogged in the inner workings of the pump. This is why getting a pump with a good mechanical filter is also just as important as staying on top of the cleanliness of a fountain pond.

All of these considerations are why fish and fountains don't tend to mix well when it comes to outdoor ponds. Fish obviously don't do well in chlorinated environments. The action of the falling water from the fountain will also over aerate and disturb the water too much, making life difficult for fish. Fountains aren't too good for plants either. The turbulent environment makes it hard for them to take root. Just look at fountains you see in public. Do you usually see any fish or plants in them?

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