Pond Lighting

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Consider Pond Lighting

If you plan to make absolutely maximum use of your backyard pond, you will need to consider some good pond lighting at the outset. Pond lighting will not only help you see in your backyard after dark, but will really set your pond off to great effect and making it a central feature of your backyard landscape even at night. As well as downlighters around the perimeter of your pond, you can even place submersible lights inside the pond.

You can get some kinds of submersible lights with magnetic bases, and of course this kind of pond lighting can also be used outside the pond. The best kind of pond lighting will include light sources at different levels; high, (above the head) medium, and low, which will be ground level or below water level. The more sources of light you can manage, the more effective your pond lighting will be.

Colored or Plain Pond Lighting?

Although you may not like the idea of different colors for your pond lighting scheme, many pond lighting packs actually offer you different colors, or at least the colored lenses to go with your lights so that you'll have a choice. If you have any kind of an occasion in your garden, such as a family wedding, you may decide to make use of your colored lenses for pond lighting at this time.

You can get a halogen underwater light, but make sure that this is not going to raise the temperature of your water too much for the fish if it is too big and powerful. You can get small halogen highlighters for pond features such as a waterfall or a fountain. These are particularly effective at night and you'll love them.

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