Pond Liners

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond liners are what will distinguish your backyard pond from a muddy hole in the ground. Think about it. Why are swimming pools lined with concrete before they are filled with water? Dirt and seepage would keep the pool from being swimmable. The same would keep a pond from being a healthy enough environment for fish and plants. Such a pond would be pretty ugly too.

Natural Pond Liners

You may be asking yourself by now, what about natural ponds? They don't need plastic liners to keep them clean and to prevent the soil from absorbing water. Keep in mind, however, that a natural pond had many more years (possibly centuries) to form. A nice hard layer of sediment may be at the bottom of a fairly clear pond. The others are usually pretty murky and would not make for a very attractive backyard landscape item.

Pond liners are generally made of a special, durable plastic. When looking into pond liners, you may come across names like 45 mil EPDM or Tetra Xaven. It's not important to know what that means. These are essentially types of plastic that are considered to be the best for applications such as liner material for ponds.

The idea with any pond is to create a natural looking environment. Ponds don't usually come along in the amount of time it takes us to build them though. Nature needs a little boost so that we can achieve the results and appearance we want with backyard ponds. This is where items like filters, pumps, and liners come in handy.

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