Pond Maintenance Products

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond maintenance products are the only way to insure the good health of your pond. These include filters, cleansers, microbe lifts, chemical kits, and more. When maintaining a healthy pond, balance is the key. If you have both plants and fish, it is even more crucial to maintain a proper balance in you pond. The water must be habitable for both to thrive.

Important Pond Maintenance Products

The most critical of pond maintenance products is the filter. Mechanical filters siphon bad bacteria and debris from water fairly well. Biological filters, which can include natural elements such as plants and lava rocks, can actually convert toxic elements in the water into healthy ones.

Avoid Toxicity

When pond maintenance products are not used often or are used improperly, the pond becomes a toxic environment. When water is not filtered, muck builds up on the bottom of the pond. This sludge is actually decaying weeds and algae that are not decomposing quickly enough. The sludge itself becomes its own fuel, feeding the weeds and further hurting your pond.

This can be avoided with good pond maintenance. You'll need a chemical kit so you can accurately keep the PH level at a safe and healthy level. Algae Destroyer and Accu-Clear can aid in keeping water clean. Filters will only work if you change the filter pads regularly. Maintain your pond with the same rigor you would your car, home, or any important investment.

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