Pond Plants

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond plants are the main motivation for people to construct ponds in their backyard. They are simply beautiful. It's an enriching experience to sit among healthy wildlife. It's wonderful to know that this natural serenity is available any time, right in your own backyard.

The Most Famous Pond Plants

The much heralded Impressionist artist Monet painted hundreds of images of landscapes featuring water lilies. He painted them at different times of the day so he could capture the light variations that he found so beautiful. I don't know if water lilies were as popular before Monet painted so many of them, but he certainly didn't do anything to hurt their standing. They are definitely one of the most popular pond plants available today.

Make sure you take good care of your water lilies. Once they are in place and thriving, maintenance is fairly simple. Remember, you must fertilize pond plants the same as you would any indoor or land plant. If you choose to have fish in your pond, they will appreciate the water lilies as they provide a great amount of shade and protection.

Bog Plants

Bog plants are also popular. They are functional and can also be very beautiful. They remove excess nitrates from the water, serving as a natural filter. One such bog plant is the water iris. Their colors span the rainbow, and they can grow to heights of up to six feet. Water hyacinths are another good example of plants that serve as natural filters. This type of addition will help keep your garden pond healthy in the long run.

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