Pond Products

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond products are vast and varied. The key is research. Know your area and the year-round temperatures so you can protect your wildlife. Also know what can survive simultaneously in your backyard. If you plan to have a large pond, it may be possible to have both plants and fish co-exist. Otherwise, it's best to choose one or the other.

Sweaters Are Not Pond Products

If your geographical location is in the north, one of the most important pond products you can purchase is a de-icer. This is like a tiny pond heater and will prevent the water from freezing in winter months. Your fish and plants will certainly appreciate being warm in cold times.

Many pond accessories are mandatory for a healthy pond. You will definitely need a pond liner. Without one, all the water will simply drain into the soil and you'll end up with a very soggy backyard. Natural ponds, you may argue, don't have liners. This is untrue to a certain extent. Years, perhaps centuries, of erosion form a strong natural liner of sediment at the bottom of ponds, allowing their existence.

A Pond Without a Filter Is a Dirty Pond

Without a way to filter out unclean water, your pond will become stagnant. It will stink, the wildlife will die, and all of your effort will have failed. The right filter is crucial. Other pond products are more to accessorize or beautify your landscape for your own enjoyment. These include lighting and fountains, and can create a beautiful backyard environment.

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