Pond Pumps

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pond pumps are to filters what an engine is to a car. In order to filter the water in a garden pond, some device needs to draw in the water and send it back out again. As pond pumps do their job, the filter strains the undesirable elements out of the water. In this way, the pump is like a human heart. It takes in the bad and sends out the good.

Pond Pumps: Different Choices for Different Needs

Waterfalls and fountains are two areas where the need for a pump is essential. Something needs to re-circulate that water back to the top and down again. The size of the pump is determined by the size of the waterfall or fountain. The power of the pump will also determine how much water will fall. Do you want a torrent or a trickle?

Pond pumps for fish ponds also have their own special needs. The last thing you want is for the power of the pump to disrupt the lives of fish or to endanger them. At the same time, they should effectively take in materials such as fish waste without becoming easily clogged. This is why special pumps are made specifically for situations where fish are involved. It's important to find out if a pump you are thinking of buying is made for fish or not.

The last part of pump installation should include appearance. Most people use rock formations around the base of a waterfall to cover up the machinery. Tucking a pump out of the way at the bottom of a pond is another good way to conceal it. Since the pond liner you use will probably consist of a dark material, the pump's dark color will allow it to blend in nicely. Out of sight, peace of mind.

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