Pond Spitters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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What are pond spitters? Pond spitters are, as the name implies, fountain like devices that are designed to literally spit water. Have you ever seen a fountain that features a bird, child, or animal shooting a stream of water out of their mouth? How about a more elaborate lake fountain where streams of water are shooting around in various directions? These types of displays are all thanks to pond spitters.

Pond Spitters: Spitting out the Fun

The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas has one of the most elaborate fountain shows you can find anywhere. Spitters shoot water in unbelievably intricate and beautiful formations. It truly is a piece of dynamic, liquid sculpture. This is where spitters are found most often. They are usually a means of adding artistic expression to a fountain, pond, or lake.

The average homeowner would certainly never need something as elaborate as what the Bellagio has to add a touch of flair to a backyard pond or fountain. Nonetheless, there are plenty of applications for water spitters that can be much more simple, yet just as elegant. Even swimming pools can benefit from such expressionistic touches.

The most common type of spitter application you will find is in fountain statues that have a stream of water coming out of some orifice in their structure. This orifice is usually the mouth of the animal or person in question. I have even seen some fountains that make humorous use of the spitter by placing it in such a way that it makes a statue of a little child look like he is going to the bathroom. However you use them, spitters make a wonderful addition to an outdoor fountain.

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